Design Process

Commission Your Custom Design!

I am available for commissions of Custom Designed Medallions, Portraits, and designs for Stained Glass windows.

“I have deep-seated feelings about keeping the tradition in my work. All my designs and sculpting are done by hand, with pride.  The plaster techniques I use to cast have been employed by master sculptors for countless generations.”

Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.


  • I work directly with clients to achieve a design that best portrays the desired message and the subject’s true essence.

Bas-relief Sculptures for:

  • Portraits
  • Medallions
  • Plaques
  • Any other type of artwork desired

Shown below is an example of the portrait process, from photograph to working drawing, to finished plaster model, to the struck medal.

Portrait Process

Example of the detailed process that is utilized when I create a master model.  The subject is Chester L. Krause, founder of Krause Publications, a much admired, innovative pioneer in the Numismatic Field.

  1. First, I begin with one photograph provided by the customer.

    Portrait Process 1

  2. From the photograph, I create a working drawing that will be transferred to the negative plaster mold.

    Portrait Process 2

  3. Once the sketch is transferred onto the plaster, I carve the portrait negative into the plaster mold.  Then a master cast is poured into the negative, and separated when hardened.  This is the final cast with only minor detail work left to be completed.

    Portrait Process 3

  4. The final medal after striking

    Portrait Process 4