About Tom

My name is Tom Rogers, I was raised in the small town of Wingdale, New York.  I am a Veteran, having served my country for 4 years in the U.S. Navy, and after which, earning an Associates degree in Commercial Art and Advertising.  I am proud to be an American, and an American Sculptor.

My specialty, or core competency, is in the field of Medallic Art.  I have 39 years experience designing and sculpting medals and coins, receiving freelance commissions from many private mints.  I was a United States Mint Sculptor/Engraver during the period from October 1991 to January 2001.  I left the Treasury Department to resume a freelance design and sculpture career.

I can design a medal or coin and provide finished plaster models of the design that are suitable for machine reduction to the dies used to strike the pieces.

This service I can provide to both private mints, organizations, and individuals as well.

In the past, for many organizations, I have executed complete medal programs.  This involved my designing the medal, sculpting models, ordering dies cut, encapsulating the struck medals, printing Certificates of Authenticity, and delivering the finished pieces.

I have developed the technique of carving directly into the negative plaster, bypassing the time consuming plasteline stage that most medallic sculptors use.  I rarely use plasteline, and reserve it only for high or alto-relief work.  By carving directly into the negative plaster, I have found that I have greater control over the detail, and lessen the turnaround time due to the shortened process.

Being a traditionalist, all the design and plaster work I do is totally by hand, utilizing an age-old casting process.

This website displays some of the works that I have done for both private mints, organizations, indiividuals, the United States Mint. and myself.  I have been fortunate in my endeavors over the years to have been selected for many prestegious commissions.and as a U.S. Mint Sculptor/Engraver for a decade, honored to have created many Circulating U.S. Coins, Comemmorative Coins, as well as Mint, National, and Congressional Medals.

I would like to welcome you to this website, and hope you enjoy viewing some samples of my work as much as I enjoyed creating them.  If you are considering the conception of a medal, please contact me with your information either by phone: 541-533-3129 or by e-mail: tom@tdrogers.com, and we can get started on the ultimate design for the subject you want portrayed in metal.

I have two children who I am very proud of.  Tom Rogers Jr., who lives in Medford, Oregon and is studying for his bachelors degree in engineering management.  Patrick Rogers, who is a Property Manager for Asurent Property Management Medford and is also a property management business coach at www.Rents2Riches.com.