Professional Biography

  • 1970-1972: Dutchess Community College–AAS degree in Commercial Art
  • 1972-1974: Medallic Art Company, Danbury, Conn.–sketch artist / sculptor
    Was hired as a sketch artist, and was introduced to medallic sculpture, and developed my technique of carving directly in the negative plaster.
  • 1974-1990: Freelance designer / sculptor

Basketball Hall of Fame, Bill Russell

During this 16-year period, I worked at home for several different private mints across the country, providing plaster models for medallions and plaques.  I also sculpted the portraits of inductees into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. from 1985-1996.  Over 90 of my portraits were hung there.

  • 1990-1991: Medalcraft Mint, Green Bay, WI–sculptor / engraver
  • 1991-2001: United States Mint, Philadelphia, PA–sculptor / engraver

Designed and sculpted Mint medals, Congressional medals, Commemorative coins, Circulating coins.

Maintained the dies used for list medal orders, and changed the dates on circulating coins each year.


WWII D-Day $1 Obverse Community Service $1 Obverse Dolley Madison $1 Reverse

All coins and medals listed below were both designed and executed in plaster by Rogers.

Not listed, are the many designs Rogers executed that came from selected outside artists.


  • Columbus Quincentennary $1—Reverse, 1992
  • Columbus Quincentennary $5—Reverse, 1992
  • WWII 50th Anniversary $1-Obverse & Reverse, 1993
  • Vietnam Veterans $1-Reverse, 1994
  • Women in the Military $1—Reverse, 1994
  • Special Olympics $1—Reverse, 1995

Women in the Military $1 ReverseSmithsonian $1 ObverseLibrary of Congress $1 Obverse

  • Atlanta Olympic Games $1—Reverse, 1996
  • National Community Service $1—Obverse, 1996
  • Smithsonian Institution 150thAnniversary $l—Obverse, 1996
  • Robert F. Kennedy $1-Obverse, 1998
  • Library of Congress $1-Obverse, 2000
  • Library of Congress Bi-metallic $10-Reverse, 2000

Special Olympics $1 ReverseColumbus Quincentennary $1 ObverseVietnam Veterans $1 Reverse


  • Platinum Bullion Eagle (Uncirculated)-Reverse, 1997
  • Platinum Bullion Eagle, Proof-Reverse, 2001


  • Bicentennial of U.S. Mint-Reverse, 1992
  • Persian Gulf (Congressional)-Obverse, 1992
  • David Ryder, Mint Director-Obverse, 1992
  • Ben Franklin/Firefighters-Obverse, 1993
  • Lloyd Bentsen, Treasury Secretary-Obverse & Reverse, 1993
  • William Clinton, President (1st term)-0bverse, 1994
  • Nelson Mandela (Congressional)-Reverse, 1998
  • Gerald & Betty Ford (Congressional)-Obverse, 1999
  • Father Theodore M. Hesburgh/Notre Dame-Obverse & Reverse, 2000
  • Whitehouse Bicentennial (National)-Reverse, 2000


  • “Sacagawea” Golden Dollar-Reverse, 2000
  • Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina $.25-Reverses, 2000
  • Rogers also sculpted the Reverse of the Rhode Island $.25, from a selected artist’s design.
  • After Rogers left the U.S. Mint in January, 2001, two of his previous designs were selected as reverses for medals for Larry Summers, Treasury Secretary and Jay Johnson, Mint Director.

The original 2000 Golden Dollar “Rogers” Reverse,

and the Massachusetts, Maryland, and South Carolina Quarter Dollars

Flying Eagle Dollar
Massachusetts Quarter DollarsMaryland Quarter Dollar South Carolina Quarter Dollar

  • 2004-Present: Tom has operated his sculpture and glass studio in Beatty, Oregon.
  • His design was selected for 2016 Native American 1 Dollar Coin.